About Reliquiae

Begun in 2013, Reliquiae is a beautifully printed annual literary journal of poetry, short fiction, translations and essays. Edited by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton and published by Corbel Stone Press, it combines diverse contemporary and historical responses to landscape, ranging from the ecological, lyrical and ethnological to the visionary, philosophical and esoteric.

Then Wipunen began to sing all his knowledge. Three whole days and nights he sang, until the stars and the moon stood still to listen, and the very waves of the sea and the tides ceased to rise and fall, and the rivers stopped in their courses.(Wainamoinen Finds the Lost Words, A Finnish legend, from Reliquiae Volume One)

Reliquiae seeks to move beyond the limits of rational materialism by embracing alternate traditions, beliefs and discourses which offer rare and precious insights into our connectedness with the natural world. Central to its ethos is a form of non-anthropocentrism which situates humanity within a broader non-hierarchical community of living and non-living things. Through its research-based curation, Reliquiae aims to uncover ‘lost words’ from the past and situate them alongside the work of sympathetic contemporary writers, highlighting a continuity of thought between past and present – an interplay of ideas that enriches our appreciation of the world that we inhabit, and the ecological issues that we all face.