Volume 4



Taivitialuk Alaasuaq
Saali Arngnaituq
Philip Baber
Franz Boas
Thomas A. Clark
Paul Carus
Don Domanski
John Haines
Peter Haynes
A.E. Housman
Philippe Jaccottet
Richard Jefferies
Richard Kelly Kemick
Tess Lewis
Gerry Loose
Robert Macfarlane
Julia McCarthy
John Morgan
Christian Morgenstern
Wendy Mulford
Zebedee Nungak & Eugene Arima
Peter O’Leary
Saamisa Paqsauraaluk
Autumn Richardson
Douglas Robertson
Angelus Silesius
Iohannis Michaelis Seligmanni
Penelope Shuttle
Jennifer Spector
Richard Skelton
Mark Valentine
Alex Woodcock

Reliquiae Volume Four (2016)
ISSN 2398-7359
x + 180pp

New work:

  • Philip Baber: A pilgrimage walk from Stuttgart to Tübingen, with glances at Hölderlin, Mandelstam, Mörike and Handke.
  • Thomas A Clark: Eight Delays: an unlooked for encounter with the other in the shade.
  • Don Domanski: A new, visionary four-part poem, Bestiary of the Raindrop.
  • Peter Haynes: Stone: a compelling short story about an obelisk ‘massive beyond ordinary understanding’.
  • Gerry Loose: Poetic excerpts from a nine day walk across Scotland.
  • Robert Macfarlane: Ice Voices: a new work exploring the ‘two-mile time machine’ that is the Greenland ice sheet.
  • Julia McCarthy: Five poems of hidden life, death and the ‘whispers of nebulae’.
  • John Morgan: A poetic continuation of the Sufi mystic, al-Junaid’s aphorism, ‘Water is the colour of its vessel.’
  • Wendy Mulford: Three poems exploring the folklore, fauna and weather of the Orkney islands.
  • Peter O’Leary: A discussion of clouds and ‘instress’ in the work of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
  • Autumn Richardson: Two poetic glimpses of the secretive fauna of northern forests, tundra and mountains.
  • Penelope Shuttle: Three poetic Fragments of Cornwall.
  • Jennifer Spector: Four new poems of landscape, nature and myth from Panama.
  • Alex Woodcock: Bride of Quietness: landscape and silence in the work of occultist and artist Ithell Colquhoun.
    Archive work:

    Two Mexican folk-tales translated by Franz Boas; poetry and prose from the Alaskan wilderness by John Haines; words on aspens and sentience by A.E. Housman; four inuit stories from Povungnituk, Quebec, in original syllabics with translations by Zebedee Nungak & Eugene Arima; new translations by Tess Lewis from the Seedtime Notebooks, 1980-1994, of Phillipe Jaccottet; two poems of crows and caribous by Richard Kelly Kemick; new translations by Douglas Robertson of the fin de siècle Aphorisms of Nature by Christian Morgenstern; a botanical journey through the work of Matsuo Bashō by Autumn Richardson; four poetic aphorisms from the German mystic, Angelus Silesius; a new setting of From the Desert Waste by Richard Skelton; a beautiful and evocative short story about the ‘original light’ and thirteen stanzas found in the records of English rainfall by Mark Valentine.

    Art & quotations:

    Eight reproductions from Fossilium Metalla et Res Metallicas Concernentium Glebae Suis Coloribus Expressae, 1753, by Iohannis Michaelis Seligmanni; Eight word lists from Kutenai Tales by Franz Boas.


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