Volume 3


Reliquiae Volume Three (2015)
ISBN 978-0-9934310-0-5

New work:

  • Hans Brückner: Writing on the gaze, non-looking and language’s ‘cloak of invisibility’.
  • Angus Carlyle: Excerpts from Silent Mountain, reflecting on perception and altitude in the Picentini mountains.
  • Thomas A Clark: A poetic meditation on the colour yellow, from gorse, pollen and saffron to the ‘yellow palace’ at the centre of the world.
  • Ken Cockburn: Eight topographical poem-miniatures.
  • Alec Finlay: Excerpts from Gathering, a wide-ranging poetic exploration of the place-names of the Cairngorm region of Scotland.
  • Ross Hair: An exploration of the visionary work of Ronald Johnson, Geoffrey Grigson and Samuel Palmer.
  • Gerry Loose: Five gnomic, poetic Cantations for Endangered Species.
  • Rob St. John: Writing on nocturnal rivers, Salmo trutta and the well-weighted line.
  • Richard Skelton: An elegy for the badger, from his forthcoming book, Beyond the Fell Wall.
  • Mark Valentine: An enigmatic found-object poem entitled Properties.
  • Chris Watson: A fascinating account of making field recordings of ravens in Anglesey and Northumberland, interwoven with Norse folklore.
    Archive work:

    Four esoteric poems from Æ (George William Russell); a selection of Aino folktales and myths, translated by Basil Hall Chamberlain; writings on Ossian, his mother and the occult power of the Fath Fith by Alexander Carmichael; The Blue of Flax, a poetic reverie on perception and memory, by Thomas A. Clark; an essay on Earth-Mother cults by Edward Clodd; Field Notes, a poignant nocturne by Don Domanski; a fragment from the Poetic Edda on the suffering of Yggdrasil, the ‘world tree’, translated by Olive Bray; a hermetic fragment from Goethe, translated by Hans Brückner & Richard Skelton; a selection from the mystical poetry of Kabir; three poems from Tim Lilburn’s revelatory collection, Moosewood Sandhills, along with his contemplative essay How to be Here?; writing on the sadness of thrushes by E.J. Moor; the beautiful ornithological illustrations of F.O. Morris; the spiritual aphorisms of Rabindranath Tagore; some wildwood fragments from E. Tickner Edwardes; Baltersan’s Third Edition, an evocative short story on the lost words by Mark Valentine; some visionary fragments from Jürgen von der Wense; a selection from the journals of Gilbert White; some luminous excerpts from the writing of W.B. Yeats.


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